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you can also stand the same way as a NL? dont really get what this is about
TLDR: OP suggest there should be more low pot burn afk spots in each newtie map.
no im just simply suggesting to move/ remove that one newtie so that archers can attack top lane (efficiently) whether or not theirs a healing priest right underneath, i just want to try out new spots that might or might even not increase my exp gain. ofcourse its likely in a pt with a priest that spot is going to be super afk to a certain extent (still newts are going to work there way towards the right side which is generally annoying for archers. you could argue im just asking That archers get to use the same spot as nl/ hermit. (I Also dont appreciate you assuming what my motives are).

I will say though it's clear people dont agree with this which is fine (it was simply a suggestion). I wont be upset if this doesnt get implemented Which it likely wont. I'll just carry on holding shift (hurricane) at snipe untill i pass out. Hope you guys have a good day and arent too mad at me for this suggestion <3


the problem i have is currently archers (specifically bowmaster) have only 2 options at newts which is to stand sniping newts (which is also pretty afk) or attack the bottom which really isnt meso efficient (I personally lose roughly 2m per hour attacking bottom depending on drops).
(I Also dont appreciate you assuming what my motives are).
I didn't assume your motive tho. You stated didn't like the 2m per hr pot burn AFK spot you identified in your screenshot, and want to remove that newtie you identified so that AFK spot will net you lower pot burn.

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